Does it offend you when someone calls you a blogger?


I had just spent the last hour consulting with a local non-profit on their social media efforts. As I was leaving, the founder of the organization walked in and the Communications Director introduced me as a “famous blogger.” Later on, my friend who worked there asked me, “Does it offend you when someone calls you a blogger?”


It has never occurred to me to be offended by the label. But he clarified, “Well I mean, isn’t blogging an activity? Like emailing? I mean, no one is called an “emailer” even though we all use email to communicate. “Blogger” just seems to devalue what you do.”

I suppose. I take for granted that outside of our digital world, not many people understand what we do, still. Yes, I hear that a lot at conferences how nice it is to be surrounded by people who “get it.” And honestly, I don’t sweat it too much and don’t really bother to explain to people who have much more conventional careers. But the conversation got me thinking about the term “blogger” and how appropriate (or not) it is for what we do whether or not it is an appropriate label. I reflect on my two web sites. One is resource for moms. Another, a platform for personal change. I look at how my MomCrunch colleagues, all accomplished “bloggers.”

What is the common thread? If a blog is just a tool for communication/connection/community, then what is the bigger role we are playing with our blogs? Would it be more apt to call ourselves connectors? Or community creators? Or, how about writers, photographers, content producers?

What do you think?

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