Does the New Madonna Video Make Fun of Motherhood?

Madonna's faux-breastfeeding moment

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Madonna’s going to be on TV as part of some kind of football event this weekend. In anticipation of the coming spectacle, she has released a  football-themed video for her new song, Give Me All Your Luvin’. Sadly, it is not a ZZ Top cover. The video starts with a cadre of cheerleaders (guest stars MIA and Nikki Minaj and some girls wearing creepy japanese anime masks).  Madonna appears in a classic camel trenchcoat, blowing down a suburban front door with an old fashioned pram. Predictably, the trench is shed in short order, thus allowing for more efficient worship by the football team.

The baby is left by the wayside as as the star prances about in a mashup of her greatest fashion hits (material girl hair + like a virgin lace/baubles+ lucky star crop top+desperately seeking susan animal prints+huge crucifix). Indeed, the video is a testament to her  sartorial impact. Also, a triumph of the magic combination of constant exercise and excellent post production. The woman looks flawless, and she’s publicly exposing the waistband of her pantyhose to prove it. (Take that, muffin tops.) Towards the end of the video, the occupant of the carriage makes his first on-screen appearance, being faux-suckled on M’s leopard-clad left one as she shimmies. He shows up again in the last shot, when Madonna takes him off the boob and playfully tosses him in the general direction of the baby carriage, as the announcer yells “TOUCHDOWN!” Did I mention the baby is fake?

What is Lady Madonna trying to say here? Does she want mothers to break out of their staid suburban shells? Toss aside their children to further the underwear as outerwear crusade?  Get those abs in order once and for all? Is she celebrating motherhood? Mocking it?  Is this video a clue to her performance on Sunday? She did promise to one-up Janet’s wardrobe malfunction…maybe she’s going to breastfeed a baby at the Superbowl?

See what you think after the jump.


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