Does this PSA on Child Abuse Cross the Line?


child-abusePSAs on child abuse will inevitably be disturbing–as well they should be, if they have any hope of affecting caretaker behavior or rallying support for domestic abuse centers. But this ad from the network of Children’s Hospitals in Finland resorts to gratuitous extremes to get their point across.

I like the concept of the ad–a girl’s mom yells at her; she in turn yells at her doll. The ad ends with the (poorly translated) message, “Child is a mirror.” Seems like an appropriately sad, very important message to send out to parents who may be so stressed they don’t realize the harm their loss of temper is causing to their kids.

Except that the Children’s Hospitals of Finland apparently weren’t content to keep it at that. In their drive for donations, they decided to use music straight out of Silence of the Lambs and a bald doll with a truly disturbing resemblance to Chuckie of Child’s Play. Is this really unnecessary? Child abuse hardly needs to be sensationalized to be creepy.


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