Does Your Child's School Have a Social Networking Site Policy? (VIDEO)


I use Facebook.  And Twitter.  And YouTube.  And now, Google+ too.  I use them for work and for play.  For the first time,  my children’s school is putting a ‘School Privacy’ policy in place that limits how I might use these technology tools as they relate to kids and the school.  Citing respect and privacy, the new policy is in reference to photos and video taken at school events and effects all students and staff.

And not just kids and staff on school premises, but anything related to the school at all.  (think soccer games, plays, Halloween) And the policy doesn’t say I have to have the other parent’s permission to post video or pictures (assuming I have taken video at a soccer game), I have to have the SCHOOL’S written permission.

Now…. I do live in the same state that recently banned Teacher-Student friendships on social networking sites… and there are recent studies that say Facebook can actually ruin your kid’s grades, so is this any surprise?

My thoughts, naturally, in the video.

What say you, Internets?  Does your school have a similar policy?  Should they?