Dog Bites Girl, Mom Shoots Dog


Annie, Get Your Gun!

That was the response of a heroic Orange County, California mom, when a neighbor’s dog attacked her six-year-old daughter yesterday morning.

The girl and her three-year-sister were playing in their home’s driveway in the suburban community of Lake Forest, when a local dog, described variously in press accounts as a boxer or pit bull , attacked the older child.  Neighbors and the child’s mom and one and fourteen-year-old brothers heard the screams, and rushed outside.

A combination of a neighbor spraying Windex in the dog’s eye’s and the older brother punching the dog allowed the mother to pull the girl away from the dog, but not before the child was bitten seven times. But the dog wasn’t done with the family. As they attempted to reach their home and safety, the crazed dog attempted to attack them again, lunging at them and snapping at the pants legs of the one-year-old boy.

And that’s when mom snapped.

The courageous mother shoved her children into the family home, grabbed a pistol and went outside to face down the canine menace. When the dog still wouldn’t leave the property, mom shot it once in the neck.

Amazingly, the dog survived is now under veterinary treatment. Paramedics and her family pediatrician treated the girl for her wounds, which included bites to the face, arms and legs.

Authorities are currently attempting to find the dog’s owner.  News accounts do not say whether the gun was licensed.

So what do you think? Is mom a superhero? Or are you wondering why someone with four children even had a gun in her home?

Photo: Public Domain