Dog Saves Boy From Cougar


cougar-sm250A Golden Retriever named Angel proved herself worthy of her name last weekend when she came between her 11-year-old master and a charging cougar.

Austin Forman of Boston Bar, B.C. says he noticed his dog was acting strangely as he gathered firewood in the backyard of his home.  As he made trips back and forth to the woodshed, Austin says Angel stuck close to him as if  checking to see if he was okay.  Before Austin had a chance to figure out what was making his dog act so strangely, Angel sprung into action. 

Leaping over a lawnmower, Angel raced toward Austin and put herself in the path of a charging cougar just as it went for young Austin.

As Angel fought the cougar, Austin ran to his house where his mother called for help.  When the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived, they found the cougar under the house “chewing on Angel’s neck.”

The cougar was promptly shot and killed.  Angel suffered some wounds to her head, neck and hind legs, but thanks to her quick action, Austin wasn’t injured at all.

Of his brave dog, Austin says she’s moved up from the rank of best friend to that of guardian angel.

Photo: Harlequeen/Flickr


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