Dogfighting Ring Busted at a Daycare House

dogfighting No matter how you feel about dogs (I’m mostly not a dog person), dogfighting is a horrible, horrible thing. As trusting as dogs are, to hear of them being treated so inhumanely is especially awful.

And this is more awful still: Sherriff’s deputies in a suburb of Chicago arrested three people and rescued  nine dogs from what appeared to be a dogfighting operation. They found  bloodstains on the garage floor and dogfighting paraphernalia at the house, which was operating as a daycare facility.

Let me just repeat that: A dogfighting ring was busted at a daycare home.

I don’t think big, aggressive breeds of dogs, like pit bulls and Rottweilers, should be anywhere near children anyway. I know this will generate tons of “but the dogs are only mean if they are treated that way, they aren’t born mean” replies, and you know? Whatever.

Right outside my house, I saw big dogs (one leashed, even) attack an elderly neighbor and his tiny little minature schnauzer on two separate occasions, nearly killing the dog once and bloodying the neighbor both times. No matter how much of a sweet house pet your believe your dog is, the fact is that any dog, no matter what size, can hurt a child in a hurry and when that dog is huge, strong, and bred for viciousness then you are asking for trouble to allow it to be around small, unpredictable little children.

You just never hear of, say, golden retrievers or Siberian huskies going aftre kids and they can be huge dogs, but “baby mauled by pit bull” stories are so common as to barely raise an eyebrow around here.

One of these abused, aggressive dogs was housed ten feet from a swingset where children played. All it would have taken was one wandering kid, one latch left open, or one broken chain and this story would have taken a turn for the tragic.

The woman operating the daycare relinquished her license to the state after the arrests were made. Let’s hope the people who did this spend a nice long stretch in jail, and that child endangerment gets added to the list of charges.

Photo: Chicago Tribune

Article Posted 7 years Ago
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