D'oh! School Leaves Out Very Crucial Letter on What is Now a Very Embarrassing Sign

Red Lion Area School District
Click below to see the sign in all of it's non-blurred glory (spelling mistake included)!

You can blame it on the company that made the sign (as this school in Pennsylvania ultimately did). But when your job is to teach kids responsibility and accountability (in addition to, you know, reading, writing and arithmetic), then the buck stops with you, ultimately, when there’s a spelling mistake on a big sign.

The Red Lion Area School District is learning that lesson the very, very hard way right now.

They posted a large banner on a fence surrounding the school’s football field. Unfortunately, one small but very important letter was missing. Especially considering that adolescents with an adolescent sense of humor will be mostly the ones looking at it.

If you laugh at the sign then might be about as immature as one of their students. But it’s just that kind of funny anyway.

Take a look:

Red Lion Area School District
Hint: The missing letter is an "L"

Source: Yahoo Sports

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