Dolphin Water Birth Video


Ecco the Dolphin

OK. So I’m all for letting people have their babies how they want to.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion about it.

In this video, a woman gives birth in the water. Water birth is a method of giving birth, right? I admit to ignorance on this one. But I have heard of it.

But she doesn’t just have a water birth.

She has a water birth with DOLPHINS!

“Paging Doctor Dolphin, Doctor Dolphin… this is Nurse Flipper… Paging Doctor Dolphin…”

MomLogic says “dolphins as Doulas.”

Here’s the opinion part. Isn’t this not, well, clean? As in sanitary? Yes, there have been millions of children delivered in the woods or in rice paddies, or in cars by the side of the road. But we have hospitals now. Or houses. Or let’s try this — give birth in the water. But do it without animals poking at you!

Animals are, you know. Animals. They can bite. Will they? Probably not. But why take the risk? Is it because you think dolphins are cool? I like superheroes. But if a doctor showed up to deliver my wife’s baby wearing a cape and an “S” on their chest, I’d tell him/her to take the day off.

One YouTube commenter disagrees, saying, “spiritual experience for her, placenta for flipper. win-win.”

What do you think?

Image: Wikipedia

Source: MomLogic