Dooce Releases New Book "Dear Daughter"


The books by bloggers just keep coming! I’m excited to tell you about Heather Armstrong’s new book, Dear Daughter: The Best of the Dear Leta Letters, both because I love seeing bloggers cross over (in Heather’s case, yet again) into book publishing.

Heather wrote about this latest book in a recent post, quite touchingly, because of course her daughter is now a voracious reader herself, and wanted to read the book. Heather shared her daughter’s reaction to the book on her blog.

“I watched her carry it over to a chair in the family room, curl up and turn page after page. I didn’t dare breathe, and then when I was about to pass out she finally let out a huge giggle, a laugh that hit me across the room, right in the throat and then it travelled down and filled my lungs. I wrote all those words so that she specifically would read them. And there she was, that whole collection of love letters in her lap, and she was laughing out loud.”

Doesn’t that just make you weep?

I think about the nature of mom blogging, and how we are not only sharing our stories but often chronicling the lives of our children publicly, and what they might be like for them as they get older. I know this issue is one of the primary weapons used to beat mom bloggers over the head; we are often accused of violating our children’s privacy when we blog about them, and I don’t know. Maybe we are.

But I think we also offer something precious, too. I would love to know what it was like for my mother when I was a baby, but all she has is vague memories, worn down with time and age. Leta, and many other children of bloggers, will have at-the-moment memories to read through when they are older, and I think that’s wonderful.

I deeply wish Heather great success with this book. Heather’s blog was one of the first three personal blogs I ever read, and I remember the very first of those letters to her daughter (a format I totally ripped off myself later). I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

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