'Dora the Explorer' the Action Film? Ariel Winter of 'Modern Family' Stars in Hilarious Trailer (Video)


Do your kids watch Dora the Explorer? It has been a staple in our home for almost half a decade. Right about the time my son outgrew it, my youngest child began requesting it. While Dora is not in my list of favorites, it’s certainly not the worst program out there for children. (That’s a title reserved eternally for Yo Gabba Gabba.) My biggest complaint about it is that it features one too many catchy tunes. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a business meeting surrounded by your colleagues and realizing that you have to make a conscious effort not to hum “Backpack! Backpack!”

Thanks to the folks over at College Humor, Dora is no longer just an animated kid with a love for traveling, foreign languages, and a boot-wearing monkey. They’ve brought Dora to life in a Laura Croft-like action film starring Modern Family actress Ariel Winter. Bonus! Diego makes an appearance in the trailer as well.

Watch as Dora stops Swiper from swiping once and for all:


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