Dr. Oz Makes Us Feel Sane About Losing Weight


You know that moment when you go from, “It’s not like I’m trying to get on the cover of US magazine in a post-birth bikini” to “Wow, whose body is this?” Of course you do. Everyone does (except for Bethenny Frankel, who I love but would never eat a meal with).

The truth? It’s really hard to lose weight after you’ve churned out a kid or two, and no amount of silently freaking out about it before you fall asleep makes it better.

Which is why I was actually relieved — yes, relieved — to attend the Dr. Oz taping of a show teaching moms how to get real results when committing to weight loss (and yes, for the record, I’m aware that this sounds like about as much fun as committing to an institution that purees your food and hides sharp objects).

But there is something genuinely great about knowing what might actually work. As a formerly skinny person who never learned great eating habits, I’ve been battling my post-kid spread with biking and candy binges, i.e. totally ineffectively, and it was strangely reassuring to have someone in surgery scrubs tell me authoritatively why I was doing it all wrong.

While I’ll wait for the show to come out to tell you the details, suffice to say that all of us present, from Barbara Jones to Isabel Kallman to my partner in crime, Andrea Zimmerman, found ourselves nodding along with the tips given. Will it work? That remains to be seen. But I’ve stood strong in the face of Halloween temptations, and I’ve got Dr. Oz to thank for that. —Mira Jacob

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