Dr. Oz Was Right: New Research By FDA Shows High Levels of Arsenic in Apple Juice


Despite denying Dr. Oz’s claims — just a few months ago — that there are dangerous levels of arsenic in your kid’s favorite apple juice, the FDA has recently found that a small percentage of samples tested do contain elevated levels of arsenic.

The Food and Drug Administration will be collecting additional data considering the latest findings, which showed popular apple juice made in the US exceeding their current level of concern for inorganic arsenic. In the meantime, my kids are only drinking water, which is better for them anyway. At least it is until we hear about what awful toxins they find in our water next. Honestly I don’t think I want to know.

Dr. Oz made a big statement, announcing on his show in September that “Some of the best known brands in America have arsenic in their apple juice.”  Consumer Reports recently conducted their own study, testing 88 samples of apple and grape juice, with staggering results shown in this video by ABC News. The continued research shows evidence that there is potential danger, and it’s about time the FDA does something about it. Let’s just hope they actually do.

Will you still let your kid drink apple juice?

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