Dr. Pepper 10 Is Not For Us

The new diet drink is being specifically targeted to men by the soda giant and using tactics that have managed to offend both sexes. The drink was developed after market research apparently revealed that men don’t “do” diet drinks because they aren’t manly enough. The “macho” ad campaign that began last Monday says Dr. Pepper 10 “is not for women.”

“You can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. We’re good.” Says some dude in their TV ad as he pouring soda into a glass while riding an ATV. Who pours soda into a glass?!

In the social media front, TEN’s Facebook page excludes women from viewing content. So I had to sneak this post (using my womanly wiles of course).

Dr Pepper’s 10 Man’Ments
1. Thou shalt not OMG. If it’s not exploding, it’s not exciting.
2. Thou shalt not pucker up. Kissy faces are never manly.
3. Thou shalt not post pics of your outfit. Unless it’s battle armor and you have a giant sword and/or small bazooka.
4. Thou shalt not post furry animal videos. Exceptions made for beasts fighting to the death and bears destroying idyllic picnic scenes.
5. Thou shalt not make a “man-gagement” album. That is all.
6. Thou shalt not share your horoscope. Daily.
7. Thou shalt not Instagram your lunch. Real men eat lunch, not tweet it.
8. Thou shalt not untag unflattering pics. We know you were there.
9. Thou shalt not end a comment with a =).
10. Thou shalt not make a Facbeook profile for your pet, baby and/or imaginary friend.

Okay. I’ll admit. I chuckled.

Supposedly the Facebook page also includes a shooting gallery (where you shoot at high heels and lipstick), and a “man quiz.” I would probably chuckle at that too but… I’m not allowed.

So what do you think? Is it sexist? Or just funny?

photo credit: wonderlane

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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