Dr. Seuss Is Glowing in the Dark


what-was-i-scared-ofEverything is better when it glows in the dark. OK, I know where your mind went, but you’re still going to agree with me, aren’t you?

The reason this story is SFW (the opposite of NSFW doesn’t sound quite right, but there you have it)? I’m taking about taking something incredibly cool to begin with – namely the president of kid lit, Dr. Seuss, and throwing in a little glow-in-the-dark.

The good doctor’s What Was I Scared Of?, once a short story stuck in with The Sneetches and Other Stories, is finally getting its due this fall with a Halloween-inspired look to a spooky story.

Using Dr. Seuss’ original text and illustrations, Random House is sending kids into the closet to catch a glimpse of the spookiest of all spooky characters in kiddie lit – the empty green pants which run, bike ride and row Roover River.

The panicky protagonist takes off on an adventure in getting to know the unknown an oft-overlooked Seuss classic. What Was I Scared Of? is the best type of scary story – one that turns out alright in the end. It practically glows with goodness.

Image: Amazon

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