Drunk Baby Photos to Sell Chocolate with Whiskey: Creative or Controversial?

drunk baby photo chocolate ad
Photos of "drunk" babies used for chocolate ad

Babies are the cutest, no doubt about it, but what about when they look like they’ve been hitting the sauce?

We’re talking about drunk babies… and no, not really intoxicated, rather those overtired moments where your little guy or girl looks like they may have gotten into somethin-somethin.

L’Univers de Chocolat used “drunk” baby photos for an ad campaign for their “Chocolate with Whiskey,” and while I’m sure there will be some chatter about the term “drunk babies,” you can’t deny that the ads get the message of their delicious product across in a funny and creative way.

Are these boozy babies too cute… or do you think these ads push the limits of good taste?

Drunk baby chocolate ad

drunk baby photo

drunk babies chocolate ad



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