Drunk Dad Makes Kid Pick Out a New Mom


are-you-my-motherA drunk dad took his seven-year-old out on the town to score some chicks. The boy’s job? To find a new mommy.

And when the women rebuffed him, the kid started crying on cue.

Manipulative and inappropriate to put your kid out there as your pawn? Totally.

Apparently a bunch of men upset by the situation in a park in Detroit decided it was a lot worse (interesting – none of the women complained – perhaps because they knew the kid was being manipulative and they’re adults who can handle themselves?). They called police, who called child protective services on him after putting him under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Seriously? The disorderly conduct I get – he was drunk in public. But come on – it’s stupid and pathetic. And an insult to the poor women that he doesn’t have the cajones to ask them out himself. But it’s not criminal or really even negligent.

Did these people not see Big Daddy? It totally worked on Joey Lauren Adams (see below).

Or have they met half the straight, unmarried uncles in America? This dad was at least single (divorced), and this was his OWN kid. So he’s a total tool, but do you think he needs to lose his kid?

Image: Amazon