Drunken 12-Year-Old Steals Car, Crashes 3 Times Before Stopped


An intoxicated 12-year-old strolled up to a convenience store parking lot in Lincoln Nebraska, stole an ’88 Honda Accord, then went on a driving rampage, crashing into three cars before a citizen stopped the boy and tackled him to the ground.

After hearing calls about an erratic driver in Gaslight Village mobile home Park, police investigated the scene. Once the drunken kid hit his third car, he ran, at which point the resident chased and took the boy down. When police arrived they found the boy had a blood alcohol level of 0.14.

This isn’t the first time the boy stole a car and caused a hit and run this summer.

In June, The boy reportedly stole his parents’ car, hit a parked car, and left the scene of the accident. Police can’t say whether the boy was drinking in the earlier incident.

From the Lincoln Journal Star.

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