Dude! Where's My Baby?

Dude! Have you seen my dad?

All parents, at one time or another, have had visions of losing their kid.

That nightmare became reality for one dad who left his baby in a grocery store parking lot and drove away.

As Jezebel reports, after shopping at a Kentucky Kroger a dad loaded his groceries and two kids into the car and drove home. No problem there, right? Wrong. He has three kids.  Turns out, he’d left his 6-month-old in the shopping cart.


Luckily, a couple spotted the little guy and called 911. Not long after that call, operators got a call from the “totally distraught” dad who realized what he’d done. A happy reunion ensued and no charges were filed. However, social services was called, as a matter of policy, I imagine, and will investigate. I’m not sure what’s worse — an investigation by social services or the endless mocking from friends and family for the rest of his life.

Have you ever left your kid behind? What happened?