DUI Mom Breastfeeding While Driving


drunk-driving-breastfeedingPolice were shocked when they pulled over an erratic driver to find the drunken 19-year-old mother was attempting to breastfeed while drive.

After almost creating a collision, the drunken mother gave chase while the police followed, assumed still breastfeeding. Oh, and she was driving without a license in an unlicensed vehicle.

It’s as though she were playing a game called “How Bad Can it Get?” and she is the World’s Greatest Player.

“That’s the absolute box trifecta of mistakes to make while driving,” said one officer. Um, trifecta means three. I think you missed a few mistakes there.

The five-month-old was placed in the care of relatives.

With all the stories of breastfeeding and driving this year, breastfeeding and drunk driving was inevitable, yes?

Source: Northern Territory News.


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