E-Trade Trades In Spokesbaby


new-spokesbabyPoor E-Trade Baby. Like too many child stars before him, he was replaced, edged out of his job for the simple transgression of growing up. He’s a cute little guy, too. Let’s hope his future doesn’t follow the typical child star trajectory: rehab, desperate attempts to stay in the limelight, and all too soon, the inevitable VH1 reality show.

Yes, late last week came the news that E-Trade has replaced its spokesbaby with another onesie-sporting bundle of cuteness who presumably will use the same special effects and vaguely frat-boy voice to tout E-Trade’s online brokerage offerings.

Baby No. 1, as he’s known at E-Trade, starred in five commercials for the online brokerage, including one where he barfed on the keyboard (gross) and a couple where he had his little baby pals with him. My favorite was the one where he said he’d used his investment earnings to get a clown and “really underestimated the creepy factor.”

The company doesn’t release the names of the babies. A company spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that they’d used all the footage they’d shot of the first baby and needed to find a new star for its new ads. They auditioned 250 babies before settling on the blue-eyed, blond haired baby boy in the new ads.

The first one has already debuted, while a second will be the company’s Super Bowl offering. Grey Worldwide is the ad agency that creates the ads.

Like every other parent out there, images of cute kids have become my kryptonite since I had two cute little babies myself. So I liked the original ads and look forward to seeing the new ones. Still not taking investment advice from a baby, though.