What Did You Do With YOUR Placenta? More Moms Are Cooking And Eating Their Own Placenta After Birth

Many new moms choose to encapsulate the placenta to aid in breastmilk production and to ward off post partum depression.

Bear with me now. The recent NYMag feature The Placenta Cookbook is truly an excellent and informational read about how and why new mothers eat their own placenta. I must disclose that I have never desired to eat mine, but I do happen to still have a placenta in the freezer- it’s been almost three years and I just couldn’t decide what to do with it.


I had a homebirth, so it’s up to the parents or midwife to dispose of the placenta. It’s considered bio-hazardous waste and should be disposed of accordingly (as customarily done in the hospital)- unless the mother has other plans for it, like planting it under a tree or preparing it for consumption. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with mine. I was pretty sure we’d “plant” it, but we’ve never gotten around to that. My midwife was not supportive of eating the placenta or encapsulating it. She viewed it as cannibalism. I wasn’t sure what I believed about it all so I just went along with her cues and am fine with that decision. To be honest, I was relieved because I didn’t know if I could stomach eating my own placenta even despite the possible amazing benefits.

But, I read the article above, and do continue to hear positive stories of women ingesting their placentas through various concoctions and I wonder now, in hindsight, if I might have considered at least doing the encapsulation. Or maybe some artwork– I was ooohing and awwwing over my new baby daughter and missed my midwife showing my mom the “tree of life” on the placenta in my bathroom. I don’t know what can be done of it now- the placenta sitting in my garage freezer for almost three years now. All I know is that for some reason, some part of me is glad I at least kept it.


hat tip: @marvelouskiddo

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