Eco-Friendly! Prince William & Kate Drive Away in Hybrid - A Good Lesson for the Kids

Prince William & Kate in a Green Machine!

The royal wedding may have been old school and pretty darn traditional but at the end of their festivities, when the Kate and Prince William left Buckingham Palace to go rest up before their reception, the two proved they’re a thoroughly modern couple in more ways than one.

The couple drove off with Prince William behind the wheel, instead of being chauffeured with pomp and circumstance. With just a Range Rover following close behind, Prince William and his bride Kate drove through the adoring crowds in a vintage sports car adorned with Mylar balloons, streamers and a sign saying “just wed”. But there is something special about this 1970 Aston Martin D86 Volante. And not just that it was given to Prince Charles by the Queen on his 21st birthday. But this particular car is totally eco-friendly.

About five years ago Prince Charles converted this beloved automobile into a hyrid. It runs on E85 bioethanol which is made from English wine waste.  This is a great message to everyone, no matter if you’re a royal follower or not. Anyone putting an effort to be greener is a good thing.

Photo: PR Photo

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