Economy Makes Parents Potty Train . . . Later?


easy-upsOK, I have to say I’m totally confused by this AP article. They say parents are potty training sooner because of the economy. But then again, maybe not.

Lost? Me too. The story was written about the high price of disposable training pants (AKA Pull ups in most house – but that’s trademarked by Kimberly-Clark) and the fact that sales are down despite a hike in the birth rate in 2006 and 2007 (making those kids three and two respectively – potty training age).

The going theory is parents are skimping on the training pants in favor of old-fashioned underwear or the ever popular letting their kids run nekkid to train.  I was one of those parents who followed that route, using the disposable training pants (Easy Ups from Pampers in our case) only at night, and even then putting them over the underwear simply as extra protection – so that vein of thought made perfect sense to me.

But then they slipped this little factoid in there: parents surveyed by Kimberly-Clark cited the economy as a reason they were delaying potty training. The company’s CEO even said parents said they’re keeping their kids in diapers longer because they’re cheaper than disposable training pants.

Parents, are you out there?

I don’t know a parent out there who doesn’t want to be DONE with diapers – as much to save money as for the convenience. Perhaps I was simply overeager to end the days of wiping someone else’s behind? I thought the fewer diapers = more money in my pocket concept was basic common sense.

Would you consider sticking with the diaper days longer?

Image: Amazon