Egg Recall List, Whooping Cough Spreading, and More


Reminder:  The massive egg recall is still going on.  ABC News has the egg recall list to help consumers stay informed.  And just in case you’re curious (or ate a few of the recall eggs), CBS news has info on salmonella symptoms.

So … maybe I’ll just home school my kids from sixth grade on.  At least, that sounds better than exposing my kids to the latest teen trend:  Lists. — Momma Said

Goodbye H1N1, hello pertussis.  Official report new outbreaks in New York, South Carolina, and Michigan now, and say the rise can’t be explained by non-vaccinating parents alone.  If you’re pregnant, have an 8 to 12 year old, or providing care to an infant, talk to your doctor about booster shots. — Well

My youngest starts kindergarten in a week and a half, and I’m a little weepy about that.  But not all moms feel so nostalgic when school starts up again.  Read why one mom can’t wait for her kids to go back-to-school.

Got a toddler who refuses to sleep in her own bed?  Then you’ll enjoy Rookie Mom’s description of how a parent extricates herself from a child’s bed without waking said child.  It never actually works, but it’s a fun read.