Eggo Announces Nationwide Waffle Shortage


fcb_eggo_webForget the swine flu, America, we have a real crisis on our hands:  A shortage of Eggo Waffles.  Kellogg’s announced this week that due to production problems, waffle production in the United States won’t return to normal until mid-2010.

Quit laughing, this is serious.  Blogger and stay-at-home mom Joey Resciniti told the Associated Press that she was lucky enough to find one box left at her local Walmart, and is rationing them out to her four-year-old daughter one half waffle at a time.  “I told my husband that maybe I need to put them on eBay,” says Resciniti.  Thinks she’s kidding?  Think again.

Kellogg’s says that unprecedented flooding after a storm closed one plant until September, while another factory is undergoing repairs.  With only two plants to feed a nation of hungry children, busy parents and college students, the shelves were quickly left bare.  “We are working around the clock to restore Eggo store inventories to normal levels as quickly as possible,” spokeswoman Kris Charles told the Associated Press in an email.

The most important thing to remember is that we all need to stay calm.  After all, doesn’t anyone remember the toilet paper shortage of 1973?  Don’t spend your spare time time hovering around the frozen food aisle.  Pick another brand and move on with your life, or — better yet — dust off your waffle maker and whip up a homemade batch.


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