El Camino Real High School Update: Students Finally Released

El Camino Real High School, school shooting
El Camino Real High School

As I posted earlier today, students at El Camino Real High School just outside of Los Angeles were held in lockdown as the result of a shooting of a police officer nearby.  The entire school was released at around 6 pm local time today, and students flooded out of the doors, happy to see their families.

The LA Times talked to one student, 16-year-old Alisa Gomez, who said, “I’m not going back to school tomorrow.”  Her day in lockdown wasn’t as bad as you may have expected, though.  While it was undoubtedly stressful, Gomez said she and her classmates spent the day in their chemistry lab watching an Indiana Jones movie.

El Camino Real High School students weren’t the only ones left trapped today, however.  The Times also reported that a “massive police perimeter” was in effect in Woodland Hills.  As a result of the lockdown, one parent has said she’s considering home schooling her son.

Christine Spence told reporters, “I’ve never wanted to do home schooling, but now with what’s going on I might do it.  I may keep my son home from school tomorrow.”  It’s possible that classes at El Camino Real may be cancelled Thursday, as is typical the day after an event such as this.

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