Kids 12 and Under Think President Obama is as Lame as MySpace

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Why don't kids love me anymore?

In a nationwide survey of 4,500 kids ages 6-12, President Obama ranked 229th out of 271 brands, according to an online poll conducted by Smarty Pants, LLC, a market research firm that conducts youth and parent research and guides marketers on brand positioning, new products and consumer trends.

A press release about the survey says, “Democrats have reason to be worried at the polls on Tuesday.  Obama’s Kidfinity™ ranking dropped on the list of Kids’ Most Loved Brands by 65 positions in the past year.”  In 2009, Obama ranked 164th on the list “that measures brands based on their awareness, love and popularity.”  Note the pollsters, “The only brand with a greater loss among the 6-12 set is MySpace.”

I knew the Dems had slid in the polls, but I didn’t realize we were talking MySpace-level decline.  Does that mean Christine O’Donnell is the new Mark Zuckerberg?  Facebook ranked 55 positions higher in 2010 than 2009, going from 181 to 126.  O’Donnell went from relative obscurity to front page fodder in even less time.

Of course, who cares what 12-year-old kids think, right?  They don’t vote.  But moms do, and Smarty Pants president, Wynne Tyree, reports, “Obama also posted the largest decline of all brands among moms of kids 6-12 years old from 121 to 224 on the Moms’ Most Loved Brands list.”

I should say, I’m not so sure the President of the United States should be measured against Burger King.  After all, that’s like comparing apples and french fries, but nonetheless.  Obama’s strength in his campaign was his ability to brand himself to young people, so for the sake of argument, let’s take a look at things kids dig more than their country’s leader

Top 10 Ranking Losses on Kids’ Most Loved Brands List
2009 – 2010
Brand   2009-2010Change   2009Ranking   2010Ranking
MySpace   -80   184   264
Obama   -65   164   229
Gatorade   -60   56   116
iDog   -60   160   220
Fruit Gushers   -56   33   89
Aquapod   -52   156   208
etnies   -50   182   232
Heely’s   -48   112   160
Halo 3   -43   202   245
Burger King   -40   21   61
Source: Young Love 2009-2010; kids 6-12 years old           Based on 271 brands


So many questions: what’s an iDog?  An aquapod?  What are etnies, and why aren’t they capitalized?  Why do people actually think McDonald’s, which ranks as the second-most beloved children’s brand – just behind Nintendo’s Wii – actually tastes that much better than Burger King?  Burger King is disgusting, too, but if I had to choose, it’s King over clown every time.

The third, fourth and fifth brands kids love most are M&M’S, Disney Channel and Oreo.  Maybe the President would be more popular with tweens if he created a Wii game about the Presidential fitness test where the main objective is to complete an obstacle course made of hamburger trampolines and an Oreo cookie tire run.  Meanwhile, if he wants to win back weary moms, he should stay on message and deliver some more of the change he promised.

Article Posted 6 years Ago
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