Elementary Teacher Tops FBI's Most Wanted


eric-tothIn all the to-do about Jaycee Lee Dugard and her unfolding tale, I nearly missed the story of another missing person – this one a former third grade teacher who has been on the lam since last year for alleged sexual misdeeds against children.

Once a teacher at a private elementary school and tutor to the children of the wealthy, Eric Toth has been missing since last year when police say child porn popped up on his personal camera. They think he had an escape plan already mapped out in case he was ever caught – because the twenty-seven-year-old took off immediately after the FBI was called in. The feds want him for production of child pornography

Dateline did a full report on him earlier this month because the feds have picked back up on him. They think his latest known whereabouts were somewhere in Arizona in June. But the real point was to warn parents that Toth is out there advertising himself online as a tutor for their kids.

Yippee!! OK, I’m not asking for a full-scale fear-fest here. He’s one guy – and there are plenty of very nice, kind, law-abiding tutors out there advertising on the internet who want to teach your kids about math, not making out.

But then they’re not on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Really makes you appreciate the teachers who simply doled out too much homework, doesn’t it?

Image: FBI Most Wanted