Elin Nordegren Speaks, Bottle Warmers Recalled, More

Sketch from Danny and Annie
A sketch from Danny and Annie

Afternoon Roundup:

Williams-Sonoma has recalled 11,000 Beaba Express Steam Bottle Warmers due to reports of the bottles overheating, including one report where an adult received a finger burn.  CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Tiger Woods’s now ex-wife Elin Nordegren has ended her silence with an exclusive interview given to People magazine about the “hell” she’s been through in the last year.  Nordegren reportedly plans to stay in Florida so that she and Woods can co-parent their children.  But she has no plans of ever watching golf again.  TODAY

The next time you look at a celeb on the cover of a magazine and start to feel bad about yourself, don’t.  Celebs are real people, too, with flyaway hair, freckles and wrinkles, but the “female-targeted media industrial complex” doesn’t want you to know that, of course.  JEZEBEL

Finally, if the weather where you are is grey and rainy and you need a good excuse to cry, this ought to do the trick.  It’s a beautiful video by The Rauch Brothers that animates audio provided by NPR’s StoryCorps.  This short tells the story of Danny and Annie, a couple married in 1978.  In it, Danny says, “Bein’ married is like havin’ a color television set.  You never wanna go back to black and white.”  Grab a tissue and enjoy:

Courtesy of Best Week Ever.

Photo: The Rauch Brothers