Eliza Kruger: What Would You Do If Your 17 Year Old Daughter Had an Affair with Mark Sanchez?


Many parents would love to lock up their teenage daughters until they are 25, keeping them away from the prying paws of adult males. But sending them to their rooms until they are grown just isn’t practical…or very nice. Your daughters will meet boys, men and in the case of Eliza Kruger a 24-year-old Jets quarterback.

It is being reported that Eliza Kruger had relations with Mark Sanchez, seven years her senior. And now the news of their alleged affair is everywhere. And as a parent, one has to wonder what Eliza’s mom and dad are thinking right about now.

Initially in the original Deadspin report she was just known as E.K., but her name (and Facebook page) was leaked to the press. Included was news that her dad is the very well known Connecticut hedge funder Konrad “Chip” Kruger. Her dad and her mom, Marie, divorced back in 2006 when Eliza was 13.

Eliza Kruger has since hired a lawyer, a move probably prompted by her parents. To have your teenager involved with an older man is one thing, but to have your daughter’s dalliances exposed for all to hear about? Probably not the best news to wake up to.  What recourse will the parents have? The Mark Sanchez Eliza Kruger “hook up” wasn’t illegal according to New York and New Jersey laws, but she still lives at home and is not yet an adult. Maybe her parents will ground her? Take away some privileges (and she comes from a very privileged home)? Or perhaps they’ll just cancel their Jets season tickets.

What would you do if this was your daughter?

Image: Mediation Bliss