Elizabeth Edwards: No Custody for John

The New York Daily News is reporting that Elizabeth Edwards is doing whatever she can to keep Rielle Hunter away from her and her estranged husband’s two young children. Friends report that she’s even grooming the couple’s 28-year-old daughter, Cate, to raise 12-year-old Emma and 10-year-old Jack, should Elizabeth lose her battle with cancer.

And really? Who can blame Elizabeth for trying.

Hunter, who is mother to her and John Edwards’ 2-year-old Quinn, brought down the house of Edwards in a much speculated on — and eventually confirmed — affair. Recently, a GQ interview with Hunter pretty much confirmed her wackiness, narcissism, and questionable judgment, particularly for her willingness to pose pantsless on Hunter’s and Edward’s daughter’s toddler bed with Barney snuggled up against her inner thigh.

Still, John Edward’s lawyer says not a chance. He’s the dad. He gets custody. Which is probably true.

One friend doubts that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter will ever get married, meaning Hunter won’t ever have the chance to take on the stepmother role. Still, Hunter’s daughter is related to Elizabeth’s daughters and son. A tough pill to swallow but still. The kids’ interests are something Elizabeth will likely have to deal with no matter where she’s at healthwise.

How would you handle this situation? I can’t even imagine it, but I’m sure I’d handle this far worse than Elizabeth. Still, a dad has a right to raise his kids, even if he’s a total tool.

Bad new all around today for once- and never-to-be vice presidents today.

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