Embarrassing or Awesome? This Dad is Bringing Fannypacks Back (Video)


Confession: I am a fashion victim. When I go shopping my goal is to buy the most comfortable clothing and footwear I can find. My accessories are selected for their practicality and general usefulness. It’s not that I don’t want to appear trendy, it just seems like my desire to always wear cotton and shoes that don’t result in blisters often conflicts with what is ‘so hot right now.’

Still, there are some rules of fashion even I will not break. For example, wearing crocs over the age of 7, socks with sandals, or pulling my outfit together with a color-coordinated fannypack. Unfortunately, the dad in this video did not get the memo on that last one. I do have to award him points for matching his fannypack with the socks he has pulled up to the middle of his calves. Factor in his mustache and his plaid shorts and… Wait, this may actually be a formula for awesome. Plus, he dances better sitting down than most people do on their feet.

What he lacks in fashion sense he makes up for in enthusiasm. Check it out:



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