Gunman Fires Shots Outside Empire State Building, Two Killed, Several Injured

esb shooting
Empire State Building shooting shocks New Yorkers.

Another day, another shooting in the United States, though this one may seem a bit more shocking than others because it took place in the heart of one of the most tourist-traveled areas of Manhattan. This morning, around 9 am, a gunman fired three fatal shots, allegedly at his former boss, outside the Empire State Building. The shooter was also killed in gunfire from the NYPD. Mayor Bloomberg, in a press conference, suggested that the NYPD accidentally shot several innocent bystanders.

Details of the shooting are still unfolding, and The New York Post just published an article suggesting that the bystanders who were shot may have been shot by the gunman and not police. The Post also notes that “just minutes before the mayhem, Mayor Bloomberg was warning about the dangers of “too many guns on the streets” on his weekly radio show.” Bloomberg has long been a proponent of gun control.

As the story develops on Twitter, many people are shifting the focus from the Empire State Building shooting to the 19 shootings that took place last night alone in Chicago. New York is a relatively safe city in comparison, and Mayor Bloomberg called New York the safest big city in the world in his press conference just now, but he reiterated the well-known fact that we here in the Big Apple are not immune to gun violence.

The identity of the shooter is known, but in keeping with the protocol preached by anti-gun violence experts, I will not include his name here so as to glorify his actions.

We’ll update our coverage as more accurate information becomes available.

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