A 3-Year-Old Alcoholic? Really?


A three-year-old alcoholic? Really? Yup, it’s sad but apparently true.

In Britain they have diagnosed and made claim to their youngest alcoholic ever. And we’re not talking about a toddler who likes to have the occasional pint, this three-year-old child reportedly had a very real alcohol dependency.

How does this happen? An expert said that the child would have had to been given alcohol continuously throughout at least a six-month time period to reach this level. Fortunately he is now under a doctor’s care where the child went through withdrawal symptoms like shaking and “wild mood swings.”

“To be diagnosed an alcoholic … they would have had to ingest enough to cause withdrawal symptoms,” a spokesperson for the advocacy group Alcohol Concern told newspaper The Telegraph.

“Whatever the circumstances, it is a truly horrifying case and raises very serious child protection issues.”

My question is, who starts giving booze to a toddler? And why?

Photo: Flickr abbyladybug

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