Enraged Dad Hits Daughter with ... Pizza


819245_pizza_inboxIn Gainsville, Florida, it’s illegal to hit your child with a slice of pizza, no matter how insanely mad she makes you.

A 38-year-old man asked his daughter to get off the computer.  She apparently didn’t like his tone — nor his choice of (racist, sexist) words, so — like many kids her age — the girl fired off a few remarks of her own.

Shortly after, his head came clear off his shoulders and his brain exploded.  Or at least, I figure it must have, because then he picked up a slice of pizza and threw it at her.  The girl called 911, and dad’s sporting a brand-new felony charge:child abuse without great harm.


We all know kids can be frustrating.  I got my first ever eyeroll the other day from my 6-year-old.  Soon to be followed, I’m sure, by a heavy sigh and a “whatever.”  But there’s one golden rule of dealing with defiance — besides those no-brainers that you don’t hit your kids and you don’t call them names:  Never let them know when they’ve gotten the best of you.

Which clearly, dude, you did.  Next time, take that pizza and eat it.  It’ll keep your mouth busy while you do some deep breathing and count to ten.

Clearly there aren’t enough details in this story to know whether this was really just a dad gone mad or an abusive situation.  But if he’s not a chronic abuser, do you think the dad should have been arrested?