Enroll Your Kids in Jakes Never Land Pirate School - New Free Disney Junior App

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School – Music Class

Yesterday I enrolled my daughter in Jake’s Never Land Pirate School, and being that it is summer and all, she could use a bit of extra schooling.  And you know what? She loved her classes, all of them!

Jake’s Never Land Pirate School is a new Disney Junior app for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad and it just happens to be free, no tuition needed. The app includes. .. all sorts of different “classes” in topics such as  “Sailing, Pirate Band, Map and Spyglass and Pixie Dust classes.” Kids can hunt for coins on the Doubloon Beach, make a customizable pirate certificate and my daughter’s favorite — import their image (taken with the iPhone’s camera) into a picture of a pirate. It was pretty darn cute. Her other favorite was making music magic with the pirate band, a process she really enjoyed.

The graphics are fabulous, looking just like the show (which my daughter also loves). It’s vibrant, colorful and engaging—all things that make a app for kids worthwhile. And  it’s free! So, that really does make it worthwhile. You can download your own Jake’s Never Land Pirate School without handing over any of your precious treasure right here.

Also check out the epically cool iPad only Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally app (appisode) for free right here! Plus, Disney Junior’s WATCH makes full length episodes of its popular shows available online at and via the Disney Junior WATCH app on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (and it’s FREE!).

Are you a Comcast Xfinity subscriber? If so, then you’ll have access to premiere content, including a live feed of the network online and through the app.  After the live feed, current shows will be available “on demand”. Perfect if you’re in the middle of a show and need to run out to do errands.  No complaints from the kids that they’ll miss the end of their show. Or perhaps there are several kids in a family who like different programs.  One can watch on the TV, while the other watches on their favorite device. Missed their favorite show?  They’ll have up to 10 days to catch up on WATCH! Pretty cool huh? And if you aren’t a Comcast subscriber, then contract your cable provider and tell them you want it!

A big thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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