Epic FAIL, Or Epic Opportunity?



There are so many opportunities in life and in motherhood to feel like a failure.

Your ten-month-old doesn’t sleep through the night yet? FAIL.

You yelled at your 3-year-old because he was trying to help? FAIL.

You’re late for PTA meeting . . . again? FAIL.

You slept in and missed your class at the gym? FAIL.

It can be so discouraging when even little things go wrong or maybe when every little thing goes wrong and you’re left thinking, “I’m going back to bed.”

How can we overcome those feelings of falling short, of not being good enough, of not doing well enough? I’ve thought a lot about it, and I kind of think our failures or feelings of failure might just be opportunities. They’re signals that there’s something we can learn, or something we can do to turn things around.

So how can we fight feelings of failure and get to a happy, healthy place? Click over to MotherRunner to find out.

Then let me know: how do you get back on track when things go wrong? I’d love to hear!