EPIC Joke Fail: Picking on Hospital Pediatric Ward


wtfLet me just say I have a warped sense of humor. But there’s one thing even I don’t find funny: the pediatric ward at a hospital. ANY hospital.

Which is why an image put up on Buzzfeed yesterday afternoon showing what appears to be a hospital’s pediatric ward Christmas party with “dying kid health bars” akin to the power levels on a video game is a joke fail of epic proportions.


This isn’t satirical. It isn’t a parody. It’s just plain sick.

The post has earned mixed reviews – some folks thought it was “cute” or “LOL,” but the majority called poster Damian Savage out for poor taste. And I’ve got to agree with the commentor who noted “This is not ok. It’s not funny. It’s not “ha ha, I’m messing with people’s heads!” cute. It’s fucked up.”

Joking about death is a touchy subject to begin with – see every kick at Michael Jackson in the last few weeks. But a joke about sick children skates precariously close to real life, and there’s nothing funny about the real life situation inside a pediatric ward. It’s a place where depression is more common among staffers than the average healthcare setting. Oh yeah, and it’s a place where people REALLY do die.

I don’t kowtow to “political correctness,” but there has to be some level of human kindness out there. And it starts with sympathy for sick kids.

Image: Buzzfeed

Top Image: Atomic Nerds

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