Epsilon Hacked: Is Your Family's Personal Information At Risk?


Another day, another hack. It seems like there is always some kind of hacking going on, from Facebook fiascos to email attacks. Most of those are just harmless inconveniences, with a wide spam net being cast from your account. But then there are the more serious, high-level hacks, ones that could jeopardize you and your family’s personal information.

Last week the online marketing company Epsilon was hacked. They deal with some very big companies, ones that countless families deal with. Who do they work with and are you and your family at risk?

Epsilon works with Best Buy, Walgreens, Capital One, Citi, JPMorgan Chase, Tivo, Disney Destinations, The College Board and US Bank among others. Yup, some biggies. But fortunately, the hack didn’t go to deep. According to reports the hackers do not have your credit card accounts, your prescription information, your Tivo preferences, they merely got customers email addresses. But it does come with a warning, if you get an email asking for any personal information from any of the above companies, delete the message. Do not share any information from your credit card numbers or passwords with the spammers.

Image: Flickr – Wild Zontar

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