Essential Mommy Gadgets: The Smart Spout Cover


bathtub thermometer

Hello Babble world! My name is Shani Silver, I am the Director of Community at, and I’m joining the Babble blogging team to talk about all things tech! My posts will cover gadgets, apps, websites, and anything tech-focused that will make your life as a mother easier, better, more fun, and more informed. Today I’m starting with a gadget I found that I think is absolutely brilliant.

By now moms are familiar with ways to keep kiddos safe in the tub, usually in the form of a cute rubber animal that fits over the bathtub knobs and prevents a child from turning on the water. Being tech-focused, I’m totally into upgrading this essential into something even better. The spout cover above from Baby Earth is also a thermometer, and lets you know the exact temp of the water that’s going into your child’s bath. Simple, smart (and not crazy expensive!).

It’s so simple to take something you need and make it even better by gadget-izing it (yes, I just made up a word), and the result doesn’t have to be a product so complicated it should be on the space shuttle. Check back with me on Babble for more time-saving, essential gadgets for mommies, and if there’s something you’ve been needing or looking for, let me know! I can help.

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