Insane Ex-Couple Lie to Each Other On Facebook for Proof in Custody Battle

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This couple has taken the insanity of their custody battle to new heights.

“Embroiled in a contentious child custody fight, an Indiana woman decided last month to pose on Facebook as a comely teenage girl in a bid to surreptitiously extract damaging information from her ex-husband,” The Smoking Gun reported on June 7th.  The woman, Angela Voelkert, age 29, created a Facebook account for the ficticious Jessica Studebaker, age 17, and asked a friend to use the account to write to her ex-husband, David Voelkert, age 38.

Following along so far?  Okay.  Because this is gonna get pretty crazy, fast.

The Smoking Gun reports, “Within days of becoming friends, David Voelkert began exchanging Facebook messages with Studebaker, telling the teen about his children and Angela.  On May 26, Voelkert wrote that he had sold his business and planned to move somewhere warm with his kids, that he was still going to his next court dates, and would take off soon after.”

On May 31, David Voelkert wrote to Studebaker, telling her “he had secretly installed a GPS tracker in his wife’s van and was using the device to monitor her movements.”  He also wrote that he was looking for a hit man to kill his ex-wife, saying, “You should find someone at your school, there should be some gang bangers there that would put a cap in her ass for $10,000.  I am just done with her crap!”

David Voelkert was arrested by the FBI last Friday and appeared in federal court Monday.  He “spent four days in custody until federal prosecutors moved yesterday to drop charges against him,” according to The Smoking Gun.  Why would prosecutors release a man who had threatened to steal his children and kill his ex-wife?

Because David Voelkert was able to submit an affidavit he had signed by a notary public on May 25th stating that he suspected from the get go that Jessica Studebaker was actually his ex-wife or a friend of hers.  He stated, “I am lying to this person in extent to gain positive proof that it is indeed my ex-wife trying to again tamper in my life.  Anything said in the chat to her from me cannot be held as the truth and I am chatting to this person in attempts to prove to my court that my ex-wife will not leave my personal life alone.”

You may release your harnasses, ladies and gentlemen.  We’ve arrived safely in Crazytown.  Enjoy your stay!

You can view the affidavit here.  In it, David Voelkert says he’ll be sure to stop the chat short of anyone getting hurt, but I’m not so sure he lived up to his end of the bargain there.  After all, though his suspicions proved correct – Studebaker was indeed his ex-wife – what if he was wrong?  What if some teenage girl fell in love with him online and decided to do his bidding, arranging for someone to kill his ex-wife?  Crazier things could have happened!  Rather than prove his ex-wife to be meddling, he proved himself an irresponsible person willing to lie about his own children.  It’s unclear if his ex-wife had reason to suspect him of illicit behavior or if she was just trying to set him up.

I find it so sad the lengths people will go to in divorce cases and custody battles, but I know first hand what it feels like to be pushed around by an ex.  I’m not sure if either party deserves sympathy here, but one thing’s for certain: we can all feel sorry for their children.

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