Example of Bad Parenting: Man Bets Daughter in Card Game - Loses


6a00d83451b05569e20115704a4a3f970b-800wiGamblers often lose their shirts in a card game, but one man in Eastern India lost more than the contents of his wallet. He bet and lost his daughter.

The winner of the eighteen year old dragged the girl out of the village after the game as she protested. But luckily, fellow villagers came together and rescued the distraught girl.

Gambling is actually illegal in India but there are countless underground games operating in the villages. According to family members, her dad had a drinking problem and is a compulsive gambler. Since the incident they have thrown him out of the house. The girl is still traumatized from the experience and has holed herself up in the family house.

Do you think this is rare form of betting or do you think it may happen more than we know?