Exclusive Interview with Adam Mansbach, Author of "Go the F*@k to Sleep" [VIDEO]

go the f to sleep

Adam Mansbach is a cool cat. I know, because I sat down with him today (though by now, it was technically yesterday) to talk about his smash hit children’s book for adults, “Go the F*@k to Sleep.” We discussed his future plans for the book, which include a live-action film version produced by Fox 2000. Mansbach fielded questions from my Facebook friends, responded to a marriage proposal and denied the request I made for him to freestyle rhyme as his hip-hop alter ego, Kodiak Brinks. (Don’t worry, I rapped enough for both of us.) I doubt the walls of the New York Public Library have ever absorbed as many curses as they did today. It was f*cking great.

Definitely watch the video in 480p or higher. I want you to be able to see the glitter in my lip gloss. The vid is totally safe for work, btw. I bleeped all the f-bombs. Famecrawler has a link where you can download Samuel L. Jackson reading “Go the F*@k to Sleep,” all f-words in full force. I downloaded his recording, and will listen now in the hopes that after an exciting day, I, too, can go the bleep to sleep.

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