Exercise Is Good for You: Putting the Big O in Cardio

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They don't know why she's smiling...

Suddenly I’m feeling more ready than ever to workout so I can lose weight. Gawker site i09 reports that science has confirmed “certain types of exercise can induce orgasm” in women. Woo-hoo! Here are the types of exercise that most commonly put the big O in cardio:

– abdominal exercises (give you a “coregasm”)

– climbing poles or ropes (is that what the kids are calling it?)

– biking/spinning (gotta love that pointy seat!)

– weight lifting (for a new kind of grunting)

– yoga (orgasm of the soul)

– walking/running (help you come and go!)

The scientists behind the study note that “orgasm is not necessarily a sexual event” for women, which we all know to be true to some extent. Certainly women need more than the physical part of the sex act in order to, uh, get to the big finish. But now you know for sure sex doesn’t need to be involved at all! Many mothers know that already: you can also have a *really awkward* orgasm while breastfeeding. But maybe this news will allow women to feel less weird if they have a breastfeeding orgasm: it ain’t sexual, it’s spiritual, baby!