Extreme Couponing: Are You Doing it Legally?

Photo Credit: Flickr: qmnonic

Sure, it is with a touch of envy I hear tales of extreme couponing… hundreds of dollars saved…a weeks worth of groceries for just a few dollars.  And then I wake up, remembering I don’t have the patience it takes to scour the ads, plan my meals around the items on sale and take an hour in the check-out line making the cashier’s life miserable as I remind them I did in fact buy 4, getting the 5th one for free…. and I have a coupon for $3 dollars off so, doesn’t that mean they actually OWE me money? *sigh*

And now this?  I’m reading a Finance article explaining how some couponing is actually illegal.  Wow.  Naturally, most people aren’t that extreme. Pun intended.  Most people are honest and really just trying to save a few dollars.

But just in case, I thought it would be fun to touch on what I learned about some couponing best practices… and even better…. get a few tips from some of you. (I certainly KNOW you are more coupon savvy than I!)

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