Extreme Parenting! 9 Outrageous Things Parents Have Done With Their Kids


We’ve all heard of extreme breastfeeding — but extreme parenting? Is there such a thing?

Earlier this month, one of our fellow bloggers, Jessie, gave us an account of her toddler’s introduction to butchering chickens, which to some (especially those raising kids in the city, miles away from chickens and cows), could be considered extreme. “It’s all relative,” says Jessie. “Butchering chickens may seem extreme to some, but it’s part of living on a farm. All of my farming friends do the same.”

This got us wondering what other things parents were doing that may not seem “extreme” to them — but may seem a bit outrageous to other parents around the country. To get right into the thick of things, we asked other Babble bloggers to share stories of their most extreme acts of parenting — and those that they experienced themselves growing up. Their answers may surprise you. Read through their stories and decide for yourself how “extreme” they are, after the jump!

  • Watering pot plants 1 of 9
    Watering pot plants
    My parents grew pot in the basement for my much older brothers, and I'd water the plants when I did laundry. But I never smoked it! Nor did my parents. They just didn't want them growing it in their dorm room and my mom had a green thumb.
    — Ciaran Blumenfeld, Babble Voices blogger

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  • Taking a 4-year-old to the Middle East 2 of 9
    Taking a 4-year-old to the Middle East
    Many people thought taking my four-year-old daughter to Jordan for ten days was extreme because they have fear about the Middle East in general. We rode camels, slept in tents, had Arabic tea with Bedouins, and swam in the Dead Sea. What did I think was the most extreme part of the trip for my daughter? The 24 hour flight.
    — Jaime Morrison Curtis, Family Style blogger
  • Attending an open casket funeral 3 of 9
    Attending an open casket funeral
    My sister-in-law and father passed away this year within a couple of months of each other, and we let both our children (9 and 6) attend their funerals (plus the open-coffin wake for my SIL). I think it helped them come to terms with the finality of death, though I'm still not crazy about the idea of letting them see their aunt's body.
    — Shana Aborn, Famecrawler blogger

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  • Whitewater rafting with a 6-year-old 4 of 9
    Whitewater rafting with a 6-year-old
    I took my daughter Emilia (6) whitewater rafting, which is not quite chicken-butchering, but did involve screaming, so ...
    -Catherine Connors, Babble Voices blogger

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  • Letting your kid wrestle and swear 5 of 9
    Letting your kid wrestle and swear
    Unless you count letting my daughter wrestle the pit bull, go to the Pride Parade, and both swear in front of her and letting her swear? Not really.
    — Cecily Kellogg, Momcrunch blogger
  • Jumping off roofs 6 of 9
    Jumping off roofs
    Many summer days, the three of us, along with the occasional friend or cousin, would spend 10 hours at a stretch with no adults around. We did ridiculously dangerous things like jump off the barn roof, as well as ridiculously naughty things, like how I would sometimes bring my Shetland pony into my upstairs bedroom and tie him to the foot of my bed while I spent the afternoon reading one of my mother's battered paperback novels by Tom Wolfe or Erica Jong.
    — Katie Allison Granju, Babble Voices blogger
  • Letting a 6-year-old ride a roller coaster 7 of 9
    Letting a 6-year-old ride a roller coaster
    I threw my oldest (who was 6 at the time) on a rollercoaster that I wasn't even willing to ride until I was 14 years old.
    — Casey Mullins, Babble Voices blogger
  • Memories from the slaughterhouse 8 of 9
    Memories from the slaughterhouse
    I grew up on a farm and have seen the butchering process. It's lovely.
    - Joanne Bamberger, Babble Voices blogger

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  • Sending your kid to Norwegian camp 9 of 9
    Sending your kid to Norwegian camp
    My son is at a total immersion language camp learning Norwegian right now.
    — Magda Pecsenye, Babble Voices blogger

What about you? Tell us in the comments the most extreme thing you’ve done with your kids!


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