Facebook Addiction - Are You Addicted?


Facebook addictionIn early 2005, my sister who was studying at SMU was going on and on about a new website she had recently discovered. It was only for college kids, which I wasn’t. You had to have a college email address to get an account.

The website? Facebook.She was an early adopter to Facebook. From the start, Facebook had the natural addiction appeal.

Fast forward to 2013. Anyone can get on Facebook. Sure, it is said that the younger crowd is finding other means to communicate in the social media world, but that said Facebook is still going strong.  Facebook users rack up hours upon hours on the social media site, checking updates, searching profiles, looking at pictures.  Facebook has created an environment that some can find addicting.

Facebook Addiction

Check out this inforgraphic about Facebook addiction:


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Thoughts? Do you spend hours on end on Facebook?

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