Facebook Adds "Interest" Lists


As the News Feed in Facebook gets more and more cluttered not to mention hard to follow because of the settings (I always have to reset my news feed to “Most Recent” because I prefer to pick my own “Top Stories”), folks have been asking for another way to organize what they see.

Well, Facebook has offered an option they’ve introduced “Interest” pages. Facebook says this about the changes:

“Lists on Facebook are a great way to organize your friends and focus on the people who matter most. Starting today, you also have interest lists—a whole new way to keep up with stuff you care about and tidy up your experience on Facebook.”

One thing being said about the Interest Lists is the potential to help increase your page’s Edge Rank. Social Fresh says in this article that because Facebook users can create their own lists, and those lists can be followed regardless of “friend” status, Facebook users have the potential to become influencers with highly coveted interest lists and your brand being included on those coveted lists can increase Edge Rank. That will remain to be seen, naturally.

One shortcoming of these new lists is the click over factor. You still have to click on the list to see what’s happening on the list; otherwise stories on the list are granted no more credit to appear in your news feed than your friend’s baby photo.

Here’s a preview of what the list feature looks like.

It’s simple to create your own list.

So will you be using the Interest Lists?

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