Sharing Breast Milk on Facebook: A Rising Trend

Breast Milk and Milk Bank
Sharing Breast Milk on Facebook

Social media has embraced the age old practice of sharing breast milk with the Facebook group Eats on Feets Global.

Shell Walker, a midwife from Phoenix, started the local Facebook page, and Emma Kwasnica — a Montreal mom who has apparently had her Facebook account suspended multiple times for posting pictures of herself breastfeeding her infant and two year old at the same time — took the idea global to expand the Eats on Feets into a virtual breast milk-sharing community.

Kwasnica, who has over 250,000 members on her Facebook page “Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding Is Not Obsene!” definitely knows how to work social media. Here’s how the milk-sharing page is going and why I like it:  

The page matches women who have an excess supply with women who can not produce enough milk or are busy working and can’t pump enough to feed their baby. According to a Time article on the Facebook breastfeeding network, more than 70 matches have been made so far (milk being transported far and wide) and 98 local groups have formed.

Donated milk through official milk banks can run a cost of $100/day, so this grassroots method of giving and receiving could be the way of the future.

And the Eats on Feets folks seem savvy and conscientious about providing moms with information on health risks and precautions to take when sharing. For example, a UC Berkeley study showed that flash-heating breast milk kills the HIV virus, without stripping its nutritional properties, as can happen in the full-on pasteurization process.

If it’s done responsibly, this is exactly the kind of community support women need around breastfeeding. Have you ever considered using a milk bank or a more casual means of giving or taking milk from another mom?

Image: flickr/ODHD

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